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About Us

Established in 2005, Zhangjiang Yuanyu Machinery Co., Ltd (YuanYU) has been focusing on Shrimp & Fish Processing Equipment and process technology. Our professional and aspiring team has made a number of milestones in designing machines for seafood processing.
We also have strong technical support, proficient, and advanced equipments to offer Fish and Fishery Products Establishments perfect guarantee and pay more attention to every detail from design to after-sales service.
We can be reached via email, telephone, and fax. We are bilingual, easily accessible and readily available. Always glad to help you in your endeavors.

History of YuanYu Innvovations


Among 2016-2017, Guangdong Evergreen Group Co., Ltd was participating in China’s macro-strategy of The Belt and Road. ZD Shrimp Machine cooperates with Evergreen Group, and assists Egypt to run a biggest Fishery Production Base from 1960 in the Middle East, whose workshop area occupies approximately 20.04 thousand square metres.


We ZD Shrimp Machine designed plants layout of approximately 17 thousand square metres and provided fishery and shrimp product processing machines for Guangdong Global Aquatic Food Co., LTD.


ZD Shrimp Machine sold out, installed aquatic product processing machines and trained client’s staff how to use and maintain machines to Zhanjiang Shuanghu Seafood Co., LTD of about 15.6 thousand square metres.


Although ZD Shrimp Machine just exported a set of Shrimp Automatic Grading Machine to India for JAYALAKSHMI SEA FOODS PVT.LTD, we participated in and designed the workshop layout of about 10.4 thousand square metres with their engineers.


We had an opportunity and met the friendly foreign business associate, TUNHING RESOURCES SDN BHD of Malaysia,we designed the suited workshop drawing and recommended other refrigeration equipments.