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9 Steps Make Fish From Temporary Pool To Inner Packing.

Bloodletting Conveyor
Step 1. Raw Fish Cleaning Elevator receives the raw fishes, washes off the impurities from transportational process and then conveys these raw fishes into a Holding Pond, in which workshop workers inject CO gas.
Step 2. Dead fishes sent and conveyed to Bloodletting Conveyor, workers stand by sides and do bloodletting for dead fishes.
skinner machine-3
Step 3. After bloodletting, Fish Filleting Production Line assists workers do fish-filleting and conveys raw fish, fillets and leftovers orderly outside. For another side, Fillet Semi-automatic Skinning Machine or Fillet Automatic Skinning Machine our company manufactured skins these fish fillets and separates fish skin and fish meats.
Fish Sectioning Processing Line
Step 4. Leftovers Conveyer conveys and collects leftovers like fish skin, fish head and fish bones to next work post for fodder manufacturing purpose.
Fillet Modification Line
Step 5. Fillet Buffing Production Line assists worker modification fillets artificially and check the fish bones.
fillets look fresh
Step 6. Fish fillets are cleaned one more time and lifted together by Fillet Cleaning Elevator, and sent to Fillet Brightening Cabinet. Machine lets redundant air out and injects carbon monoxide to make fish fillets look bright-colored.
Fillet Ozone Disinfection Line
Step 7. Fillet Ozone Disinfection Line disinfects fillets by the mixing of ozone and water. It also makes fillets’ color brighter.
Fillet Automatic Ice-sealing Machine
Step 8. After vacuum package, fish fillet products will be conveyed into batch freezer by Disc-arrangement Conveyor.
Fish refrigerated
Step 9. Finally, use metal detector, do carton packing and refrigerated storage.