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Fish Processing Equipment

Cause of the good taste and easy cooking method of tilapia fillets, series of Fish Skinner Machine manufactured by ZD Brand gradually moves into aquatic plants’ eyes. It contains Fillet Semi-automatic Skinning Machine and Fillet Semi-automatic Skinning Machine. They are both used to skin fish fillets, especially skin the tilapia fillets.

Fish skinning Machine Manufactured by ZD Food Machinery

Fish Scaling Machine like Fish Automatic Scaling Machine is developed by ZD Food Machinery much more automatic to scale fish. It’s applied in those production workshop manufacturing Cold Fish.

Fish Scaling Machine Manufactured by ZD Food Machinery

Fish fillets are cleaned one more time and lifted together by Fillet Cleaning Elevator, and sent to Fillet Brightening Oven. Machine lets redundant air out and injects carbon monoxide to make fish fillets look bright-colored.

Fillet Brightening Machine Manufactured by ZD Food Machinery

Fillet Ozone Disinfection System is mainly to disinfect fillets, and make fillet products look fresh. Machine also can be used in other food products’ disinfection.

Fillet Ozone Disinfection System Manufactured by ZD Food Machinery

Mechanical action of Fish Filleting & Re-cutting Production Line is to assist people work and do fish filleting and re-cutting work more efficiently. They conveys materials orderly.

Fish Filleting Production Line Manufactured by ZD Food Machinery