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7 Steps Make Raw Shramps From Temporary Pool To Inner Packing.

Shrimp Cleaning & Elevator
Step 1. Raw Shrimp Cleaning Elevator receives raw shrimps, and washes off the impurities from transportational process.
Cold-water Cleaning Elevator
Step 2. Cold-water Cleaning Elevator is used to make live shrimps stiffness and can not move, conveys them to next work post — Shrimp-cooking Machine.
Step 3. We company manufactures 3 kinds of Cooking Machine to make live shrimps well-cooked. They are Pro-environmental Type Cooking Machine, Shrimp Cooking Machine, and Tunnel-type Shrimp Steaming Machine.
Step 4. Cold-water Type Cooling Machine and Spaying-type Cooling Machine, Cooling Machine supplements with Cooking Machine. It’s used to cool down freshly cooked shrimps.
Shrimps sorted as 4-6 sizes
Step 5. Shrimps will be sorted as 4-6 different sizes by the Shrimp Automatic Grading Machine.
Arrangement Conveyor and check cooked shrimp
Step 6. People stand by Disc-arrangement Conveyor and check impurities in the shrimp meat products. Machine also sends shrimps to the sharp freezing room and do inner packing.
Shrimp refrigerated
Step 7. Finally, use metal detector, do carton packing and refrigerated storage.