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8 Steps Make Raw Shramps From Temporary Pool To Inner Packing.

Raw Shrimp Cleaning Elevator
Step 1. Raw Shrimp Cleaning Elevator receives raw shrimps, and washes off the impurities from transportational process.
De-head processing
Step 2. Raw Shrimp Deheading Production Line is to help workers remove raw shrimp heads and conveys raw shrimps, headless shrimps and shrimp heads orderly.
Step 3. Headless Shell-on will be sorted as 4-6 different sizes by Shrimp Automatic Grading Machine.
Shrimp Shelling Production
Step 4. Raw Shrimp Shelling Production Line is to help workers peel saw shrimps, and conveys headless shrimps, shrimp meats and shrimp shells orderly, at the same time Leftovers Conveyor collects leftovers like shrimp heads and shrimp shells for fodder making purpose.
Shrimp meat cleaning
Step 5. Shrimp meats are cleaned one more time and washed off impurities by Shrimp Meat Impurities Separator.
check impurities in the shrimp meat products
Step 6. People stand by Disc-arrangement Conveyor and check impurities in the shrimp meat products.
blending shrimp meats
Step 7. Bigeminy / Triple / Quadruple Mixer, or Horizontal Mixer is applied in blending shrimp meats with tailor-made water containing fresh ingredients.
Step 8. Finally, use metal detector, do carton packing and refrigerated storage.