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Shrimp Ice-glazing Machine

The Invention Patent of Ice-glazing Machine ZD people independently developed is 200820049734.9. Machine is to encase the cooked shrimps with ice layer to keep shrimps fresh and heavier in packing.

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Ice-Glazing Machine Manufactured by ZD Food Machinery
Machine size: 3600mm * 1480mm * 1160mm

Output: 1100-1800KG/H

Power: 2.6KW

Voltage: 380V

This machine is made of stainless steel.

Meatball after quick-freezed been crushed by crusher to be single meantball, then put them into ice covering machine.

All the meatballs will be covered by one layer of ice. Thus, the weight of meatball will be increased, and the the appearance will be more beautiful.

Scope of Purpose

● This machine is my company specially designed and manufactured for food hanging ice processing.

● It can be used for dealing with various quick-frozen vegetables, meat ball, fish products.

● It is designed for coating the surface with a layer of ice, make the products attractive as well as increasing the rate of product output.

Ice-Glazing Machine Manufactured by ZD Food Machinery

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