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Lifting belt of Lifting Machine

Lifting belt of Lifting Machine we company manufactures adopt different materials such as stainless steel mesh belt, polypropylene, polyethylene, and nylon, which all meet the PDA certification. According different lifting belt materials, different motor control, and clients’ different needs, workshop space and workshop height, we design clients’ specialized Lifting Machine.

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Lifting Conveyor 2

Lift Up Conveyor

Materials may upward transportation,and downward transport. Elevator hopper is risen by the chain, vertically elevating bulk materials and small particles. It has circuit control and switch that realize stopping and feeding automatically. With the advantages of big hoist capacity and height.

You also can see the other types of Fish Processing Machine and find what machine you want.

Products Lifting Machine Manufactured by ZD Food Machinery
Belt width: 650 mm

Belt material: Folding type stainless steel mesh belt

Motive power: 3KW mechanical reduction stepless speed regulation motor (Made in China) IP55

Transmission part: stainless steel bearings/bearing seats as well as stainless steel chain wheels/chains 

Electric box: Stainless steel 304#, “Schneider” Electric switches

This equipment mainly consists of a driving device, a transmission drum, a conveyer belt, a groove type upper supporting roller, a lower supporting roller, a rack, a sweeper, a tension device, a turnabout drum, a guide chute, an electric control device, etc. During working, the transmission hobbing is driven by the speed reducer to drive the conveyer belt through gear teeth, then materials enter from the feeding device to move along with the conveyer belt, and they reach the discharge port via a certain distance to shift to the next process.

It adopts a screw tension device and a heavy hammer tension device for tensioning the conveyer belt, wherein the screw tension device also can adjust off tracking of the belt conveyor.

Installation and Debugging

● The supporting legs, columns or platforms of the conveyor should be securely fixed onto the ground with chemical anchor bolts.

● All the mounting bolts for various parts of the rack should be tightened. Each supporting roller can be freely revolved. The axes of the supporting rollers, the transmission drum and the turnabout drum should be perpendicular to the longitudinal center line of the rack.

● The spiral tensioning stroke should be 1% to 1.5% of the conveyor length.

● The rubber scrapers of the cleansers and the guide chute should be completely contacted with the conveyer belt;otherwise the mounting bolts of the cleansers and the guide chute should be adjusted to enable the scrapers to be contacted with the conveyer belt.

● Carry out no-load commissioning after correction installation. The commissioning time should be not less than 2 hours, and it should carry out the following inspections:

1. The supporting rollers should be contacted with the conveyer belt, and they can freely revolve.

2. There is no oil leakage in each lubrication part.

3. There is no loosening for each fastener.

4. The temperature rise of each bearing should be not greater than 40°C, and the maximum temperature should not exceed 80°C.

5. During normal operation, the conveyor should stably operate, and there should be neither off tracking nor abnormal noise.

Lifting Conveyor 2
Products Lifting Machine Manufactured by ZD Food Machinery

Warm tips: we are glad to receive clients’ plant layout drawing, according to which we designers will design the best plan and its electric circuit and pipe arrangement.

When equipments sold out to your factory, we also have professional engineers fly to your country, install machines and train workers how to use and maintain them.

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