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As safe and hygienic working environment plays a important role in today’s food sales business, powerful automated processing line is created and developed more and more consummately, so dose the shrimp processing equipment. It contains following functional equipment: shrimp size sorting, shrimp cooking, shrimp meats making and cleaning, Head Shell-on making and washing, fresh potion soaking, shrimp de-heading and peeling.

Shrimp Sorting Machine Manufactured by ZD Food Machinery

ZD Food Machinery majors in manufacturing automatic fish processing equipment such as fishpond, fish bloodletting, fish filleting, fillet skinning, re-cutting, fillets burnish, ozone disinfection, fresh potion soaking, fish back opening and so on. Powerful automated processing line creates a safe and hygienic workshop environment for working people but also for buyers of aquatic products.

Fish skinning Machine Manufactured by ZD Food Machinery

Mechanical action of conveyors and cleaning & lifting machines being the bridge or central hub, they supplement each other with functional machines. Besides that, Ice-glazing machine and Shrimp Processing Blender Machine, one is for aquatic food’s packing weight increment, and the other for specially-made potion soaking.

Food Grade Conveyor Manufactured by ZD Food Machinery