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Shrimp Processing Equipment

Shrimp Grading Machine is designed to sort various shrimp products as 4-6 sizes. As a top sales equipment in ZD Shrimp Machine, Shrimp Sorting Machine has best quality and every shrimp factory should own one.

Shrimp Sorting Machine Manufactured by ZD Food Machinery

ZD Food Machinery has 3 kinds of Shrimp Cooking Machine to make live shrimps well-cooked. They are Pro-environmental Type Cooking Machine, Shrimp Cooking Machine and Tunnel-type Shrimp Steaming Machine. The first one works by an engine so that it’s more environmental, and the other two applies in thoes shrimp workshops owning a boiler.

Shrimp Cooking Machine Pro-environmental Type Manufactured by ZD Food Machinery

Cold-water Type Cooling Machine and Spaying-type Cooling Machine combines into our Cooling Equipment series For Cooked Shrimps. They are all the machines to cool down freshly cooked shrimps and depends on which kind clients need. Shrimp Cooking Machine and Cooling Equipment for Cooked Shrimp supplement each other, and are integral for every shrimp factory.

Shrimp Cooling Machine Spaying-type Manufactured by ZD Food Machinery

We ZD Food Machinery researched and developed Shrimp Cleaning Machine to wash shrimp meats and Head Shell-on. One is Shirmp Meat Impurity Separator and the other kind is High-pressure Cleaning Machine, which are effectively wash off impurities from shrimp meat products and Head Shell-on.

Shrimp Cleaning Machine Manufactured by ZD Food Machinery

Mechanical action of Shrimp Processing Line is to assist people work and do shrimp deheading and shrimp peeling work more efficiently. They conveys materials orderly.

Shrimp De-heading Production Line Manufactured by ZD Food Machinery