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Swing Loader

Maximum payload 1500KGS Swing Loader. This machine is used to pour raw shrimp/fish from the insulated tub into the cleaning machine. Machine size is customized according to insulated tub size. Square tub or round tub can be used.

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Swing Loader - ZD Shrimp Machine

Machine size: Swing Loader Maximum Size: 2500×1500×1800mm ±30mm / Customized by Tub

Power:  Voltage: 380V 3.0KW three-phase 50HZ / 220-240V / 60HZ / Customized

● Hydraulic System:  Stainless Steel Four-Bar Linkage Hydraulic System

Electrical: Stainless Steel Waterproof Distribution Box

Control: Including wireless Remote Control

Machine weight: 200KG / by Customized

The machine uses high-strength stainless iron high-pressure rod as the main working part. Because the strength of stainless iron is higher than that of stainless steel, our machine can carry up to 1.5 tons.

The customized pressure bar can fix the container in the machine so that the container will not become loose after turning over.

The wireless remote control device can let the operator leave the machine to work and avoid danger.

The rollover process can be stopped, and the materials in the container can reach the next process more smoothly through rollover in batches.

Swing Loader - ZD Shrimp Machine

Warm tips: we are glad to receive clients’ plant layout drawing, according to which we designers will design the best plan and its electric circuit and pipe arrangement.

When equipments sold out to your factory, we also have professional engineers fly to your country, install machines and train workers how to use and maintain them.

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