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Washing Machine For Raw Shrimp & Fish

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High-Pressure Bubble Washing Machine

Cleaning tank receiving raw fish or shrimps, cleans and washes off impurities from transportational process. The lifting part conveys raw fish and shrimps up equably to next working post.

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Washing Machine For Raw Shrimp & Fish Manufactured by ZD Food Machinery
Machine size: 3000-6000 * 1300 * 1200mm

Output: 2000-3000KG/H

Power: 6.6KW

Voltage: 380V 

The machine consists of a skinning roller, a cleaning roller, a fillet pressing roller, a feeding conveyer belt, a discharging conveyer belt, an electrical control, etc.

The blade is easy to be replaced, the yield of primary product is high, it is easy to be cleaned, it is easy to operate for the operator, who can take up the post without training.

Installation and Debugging

● The wheels of a skinning machine are horizontally placed on the ground.

● All the mounting bolts for various parts of the rack should be tightened. The skinning roller and the skin cleaning roller can be freely revolved.

● Carry out no-load commissioning after correction installation. The commissioning time should be not less than 2 hours, and it should carry out the following inspections:

1. It can be freely revolved.

2. TThere is no oil leakage in each lubrication part.

3. There is no loosening for each fastener.

4. The temperature rise of each bearing should be not greater than 40°C, and the maximum temperature should not exceed 80°C.

5. During normal operation, the conveyor should operate stably without abnormal noise.

Washing Machine For Raw Shrimp & Fish Manufactured by ZD Food Machinery

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